How To Register

01/30/2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Site Rules And Help

Click the Read More button below to find out exactly how to register for the site. We have been hammered by spam bots primarily from the Baltic countries. Sorry for the extra steps its a hassle…  PLEASE NOTE: Because of relentless spammer attacks I have to register you on the site. So email me here  and I will send you a user name and temporary password. When you login for the first time be sure to change your password to something you can remember. This is a free directory, the whole purpose is to build links between outdoor companies. In order to post your listing I have to register you on the site first (see above). You can then login and list your business. This directory exists to help your company and ours get higher search rankings. It is very hard to find quality directories of outdoor only companies. We allow you to create HTML listings and use anchor text to create links to a specific page(s) on your site.Now you can get more than one link per listing which is a huge advantage. This is far better than a simple URL link to your domain (you get one of these by default anyway).